Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hairy Legs

I'm crawling up your legs
With my flippant, flirty mind
I'm counting your unshaved hairs
Each a reason you're not my kind


  1. Uh-oh. better go shave. :-) brilliantly funny.

  2. girls date guy who have hair all over their bodies..( i dont mean hairy beasts, i cant stand gorillas) so whats the problem with gals with unshaved/ hairy

  3. Bernice, it is not really the same, or is it?

  4. Great poem. So I take it you are not a fan of hairy legs?! That is interesting because one thing I have noticed in Ghana is that guys seemed to dig ladies with hairy arms and legs....Of course hairy armpits are a bit of a cardinal sin though..

  5. wow! this is a bomb!

    definitely one of my kind...there's something electric about the hairy skin that i wish to discover one day soon!

    and even more so...crawl up some more...

    haven't i missed a lot now! i'm going on to read what i've missed!


  6. Yes, Abena, I generally believe that hair should be restricted to the top of the head. ;-)

  7. Dear Novisi,

    If you discover how hair on the limbs can be used to create electricity, let's patent it! I doubt, however, that you should ever find success in that endeavour. lol.


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